NSR Development is a company dedicated to the proposition that we are all created for greatness.  And to attain that greatness, we must each recognize and strive to achieve our full potential.  At NSR Development, we provide the means to do this through the vehicles of… FREE WEBINARS… our ONLINE “101” COURSES… MEMBERSHIP WEBSITES… and CUSTOM-DESIGNED COACHING PROGRAMS.  Experience repeatedly demonstrates that personal potential is regulated by four major considerations in life:

Potential is enhanced by the experience and wisdom of others.  When we were young, we went to school to learn about our culture, our history, and how to become a contributing member of society.  Sadly, most people leave school, college, or university and stop growing.  Successful people, however, realize that learning and growing are life-long processes.  We cordially invite you to check out our “101” Courses (noted above), Resources in print, audio, and video (described below), and our “Podcast and Blog” at NSR Development The Blog.


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What People are Saying

I’ve been an accountant for over twenty years and I learn new things every month.  The best thing is, you don’t need a CPA to get the material, it’s all presented in such a way anyone could take advantage of it.

Angela C

Roger is a true teacher whose sole purpose is the furtherance of knowledge and of understanding.

Muhammad T

I learned a lot and finally believe what my friends have told me about me is true.

Tori S

Roger validated my personal belief that there is most certainly a way to conduct business and be profitable, without losing your soul in the process.  Thanks Roger!

Jerry M

It was like you were inside my head !

Viola S

Roger is a great mentor and puts both his expertise and his passion of helping others grow into each and every session.

Victoria R
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