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The common thread of all personal and professional development is the realization that learning is a life-long quest.  It becomes a way of life.  Those who succeed are those who continue to grow and learn, stretching and expanding their horizons into new dimensions.

NSR Development was created to provide the means for such learning and growing, yet adapted to our modern age of technology.  Initial programs are available for the study of People Skills and Financial IQ; and, coming soon will be topics in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Training.  All teaching has as its core an assimilation and application of the published works of today’s leading authorities in each of the subject areas, combined with a healthy dose of personal wisdom and experience. 



About the Professor


Presentation of materials is crafted and delivered by…


Roger W. Koment, Ph.D., Creator and President of NSR Development



Dr. Koment has spent more than 30 years teaching and equipping different types of individuals to be able to achieve their goals in life.

As a Medical Research Scientist and Professor, he trained more than 2,000 medical students, scores of graduate students, and uncounted numbers of baccalaureate students – in the fundamentals of infectious disease.  He was a trusted resource for practicing physicians providing personal consultations and Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs.  Importantly, he has also trained hundreds of physicians and scientists in communication skills, presentation techniques, lecture, and small group dynamics.

As the Creator and CEO of IAMSE, an international nonprofit organization, Dr. Koment’s reputation in professional development extended into the medical institutions of 54 countries.  The accolades of which he is most fond include being awarded the Medallion of Honor for his work advancing medical education in Eastern Europe; and for similar efforts, the title of Tala-ah (Father of the Country) from the government of Cameroon, Africa.

The goal throughout his career has been – and continues to be – to help others recognize and achieve their full potential.

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“A mind once stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original shape.”

Oliver Wendall Holmes