Do you sometimes think about your life as not really losing, but just winning a meaningless battle?

Rather than investing your days, are you just spending them doing repetitive work that – even if valuable to somebody – seems to be getting YOU nowhere?  Nowhere that is, except another year older!

Well, you’re not alone!

Most people know there’s more inside them to be…

          More that they can do…

                     More happiness in life to be enjoyed.

They know they’re not just a job label or position in society that someone expects them to hold.


NSR Development provides the means to do something about this!


The ancient Greeks had a word for it.  They called it Arête.    ("Eh-ri-tay")

Arête is a striving toward excellence in everything we do; it’s the courage we already have in the face of insurmountable odds.

Arête is the aspiration toward fulfillment of our purpose in life; and a constant striving to attain the best version of us we can possibly become.


This is the credo of NSR Development



NSR DEVELOPMENT – Creator, Narrator, & Guide

My name is Roger Koment, and I’ll be your guide on a very unique journey.  It’s a journey into developing yourself into more than you ever thought possible.  It’s developing your inner potential into the best version of you that you can become.

I know very personally this feeling of Arête.  Had I not acted to achieve what I felt inside, I would today still be an average medical researcher/professor at an average medical school.  Good, but not great.  This is what my chosen career expected of me.

Yet, because I knew there was more in me than could be confined to one medical school, I went beyond to create a nonprofit association dedicated to professional development.  And by guiding its influence into the medical institutions of 54 countries, that association helped change how medicine is taught around the world!    (For my full Bio, Click Here.)

When I began, did I have the self-confidence to reach such a lofty achievement?  Certainly not!  But my self-confidence increased with every small victory – as it will for you.


What you can expect from NSR Development The Blog is a consistency of evidence-based knowledge transformed into techniques for living life more successfully.  I call it "Enhancing the Human Experience." 

Specifically, you will…

     learn how to handle everyday communication with others

          master the art of building self-confidence and self-esteem

               and, learn how to become a true man or woman of Arête


I cordially invite you to sample our Blog, our Free Webinars, and to download our Free Gift, “5 Tips for Improving Conversation Skills.”


Most people attempt to change their circumstances to improve their life, instead of changing themselves to improve their circumstances.    – John C. Maxwell



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