Roger W. Koment, Ph.D.



Phase I

My current career as an Author, Mentor, and Business Owner dates back to humble origins many years ago.  After being awarded the doctoral degree in Medical Microbiology from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, initially my direction was the establishment of a medical research path.  Thus, following completion of a fellowship at the University of Miami, I joined the faculty at the University of South Dakota School of Medicine.

It was there as a Medical Research Scientist and Professor I invested two decades into building my research credentials in the field of human viral birth defects.  During that time I trained more than 1,500 Medical Students, scores of Graduate Students, and uncounted numbers of Baccalaureate Students in the fundamentals of infectious disease.  Many more students, residents, and physicians were impacted through my outside contract teaching.  This included well over 1,000 international physicians whom I helped prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination, a requirement for practicing medicine in the United States.



Phase II

Somewhere in all this, I began realizing that we should be doing a better job of training physicians for the practice of medicine in the 21st Century.  And to that end, I created the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), a nonprofit medical association that provides professional development opportunities for those whose charge it is to train future generations of physicians.  Over the years by holding several corporate titles, I provided vision and leadership to guide the influence of this organization into the medical institutions of 54 countries.  This experience was my first venture (on a global scale) into the field of Personal as well as Professional Development.  Importantly, it provided me the opportunity to personally train hundreds of physicians, scientists, and other paramedical professionals in communication and interpersonal skills, presentation techniques, lecture, and small group dynamics.

However, leading this rapidly expanding international medical association while maintaining responsibilities to my medical school inevitably became problematic.  And so, in the spring of 1999, I implemented a career decision by resigning my faculty position and moving the entire organization to Washington, DC.

Over the years I’ve received many honors for these efforts, including formal adoption as a Chieftain into a tribal village (of 1,000 souls) in West Africa.  This honor came with all the privileges, even an accompanying plot of land upon which to build a home!  But of all the accolades and Honorary Professorships, perhaps most gratifying were being awarded the Medallion of Honor for my work advancing medical education in Eastern Europe; and, for similar efforts, the title of Tala-ah (Father of the Country) from the government of Cameroon, Africa.

I have wonderful memories of my travels, many to Second and Third-World countries which allowed me to become immersed in local customs and beliefs.  At times, these travels were reminiscent of the adventures of the Harrison Ford character – Indiana Jones – albeit, sans whip and revolver!




Phase  III

Meanwhile, back at home, I’d begun creating and teaching Personal Development classes that were fundamental to all people, regardless of culture or country of origin.  First there was a course in Developing Your Financial IQ (how to handle money), and then came People Skills 101 (how to communicate better with others).  Classes that touched on Emotional Intelligence and/or Leadership persuaded me of the value that additional courses in these topics would provide to my students.  Thus, these courses are now in the process of being created.  What has attracted more than 1,200 people to my life-skill courses is, not only the uniqueness of individual class topics, but also that the information provided and discussed in seminar format is based upon the latest qualitative and quantitative research available.

After several years of teaching these concepts in the Washington DC area to individuals representing many ethnicities and walks of life, I have decided to expand once again into the international arena; this time, using Internet technology under the name of NSR Development.  The unique interpretations of Personal Development, supported by the latest research findings and combined with gentle mentoring using Web technology, now provides value to a great variety of people from around the world.



Guiding Principles…


Throughout my professional career, I have never wavered on certain principles which I continue to pass on to all my students.

These are:

  • We are all created for greatness through the realization of our individual potential.
  • To be the best means always doing our best; and that means we must acquire the habit of continual learning.
  • The accumulated knowledge of humankind is available in books.  To become successful, we must read and study them!
  • Ongoing research, and our application of it, is the only hope of our future.
  • History repeatedly shows us that successful people (in any field) posses certain characteristics.
    • Passion
    • Integrity
    • Honesty
    • Purpose
    • Self-confidence and Self-esteem

If these principles are consistent with yours, then I’d be honored to have you join with me in the pursuit of excellence.  To begin our acquaintance, may I cordially invite you to…

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P.S. On a more personal note, since 2003 I’ve been heavily involved in feline rescue as an avocation here in the Washington DC area.  My current focus is working in long-term psychological rehabilitation of chronic abuse cases.



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