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Dr. John C. Maxwell is an acknowledged international authority in the fields of both Personal Relationships and Leadership.  With well over 50 books to his credit, this one – 25 Ways to Win With People – stands out as a most practical hands-on guide.  And because of that, I’ve chosen it as the basis for an ongoing instructional tool to feature here at NSR Development.

Each chapter is presented below in a 5 minute audio format.  The goal is to have readers listen at their own pace, and then practice each particular People Skill for at least several days (a week apiece is better) before going on to the next chapter. 


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Introduction to Our Book Study
Chapter 1 – Start with Yourself
Chapter 2 – Practice the 30-Second Rule
Chapter 3 – Let People Know You Need Them
Chapter 4 – Create a Memory and Visit it Often
Chapter 5 – Compliment People in Front of Others
Chapter 6 – Give Others a Reputation to Uphold



……………Giblin, Les  How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People

……………Maxwell, John C.  Encouragement Changes Everything

……………Maxwell, John C.  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership